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The Project Manager works closely with a highly knowledgeable staff to ensure an exceptional experience with Atlanta Structural Concrete Company (ASC).
Executive Vice President & General Manager
Phone: 770.646.1888
Cell Phone: 678.371.5206
Fax: 770.646.6293
Vice President
Phone: 770.646.1888
Cell Phone: 678.371.5208
Fax: 770.646.6293
Project Manager & Chief Estimator
Phone: 770.646.1888
Cell Phone: 678.458.1370
Fax: 770.646.6293
At ASC, our experienced project manager team works with the Owner’s design group and General Contractor to provide innovative and beneficial pre-construction services. These include 3D modeling, precast engineering design, budget pricing, and value engineering. This early-on involvement provides value to the project and ensures an “ownership mindset” from the ASC team.
The Project Managers at ASC have 20-plus years of experience in the precast industry. The majority of our project managers are registered professional engineers. This experience brings an immense value to ASC’s design collaboration process.
ASC’s pre-construction team has the resources and knowledge needed to significantly impact the cost and quality of a project in a positive way. Our team provides cost-effective solutions, maximizes layout efficiencies, provides typical connection details and manages production efficiencies, all while achieving the functional and aesthetic goals of the project owner and the design group.
ASC's Project Managers are the client's lead contact and perform the following tasks:
  • Pre-construction services including 3D modeling, budgeting, and design collaboration
  • Serving as a consultants/expert on the most economical use of precast/prestressed concrete products
  • Preparing estimates
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Overseeing preparation of shop drawings
  • Preparing product designs
  • Coordinating production, delivery, and erection schedules with the client
  • Facilitating the erection process and provides quick solutions to site challenges
  • Following up with the client on all items insuring that the client is completely satisfied with all aspects of ASC’s performance
The Project Manager is uniquely involved in all areas of the business and the client has only ONE person to call to get his/her questions answered.
Outstanding production, quality assurance, delivery, and erection team members, which make the system work, support the Project Manager. The Manager wsork closely with this knowledgeable staff to insure your experience with ASC is exceptional.

One of our experienced Project Managers will be happy to serve on YOUR team.
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