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When designing total precast structures or simply using precast cladding components, our precast concrete products offer important advantages over other building systems and provide endless architectural and engineering design opportunities.
  • Flexible Layouts
    Because of the inherent advantages of prestressed products, precast deck systems can be optimized for longer spans allowing for open plans.
  • Virtually Unlimited Options
    Precast provides infinite choices for color, texture, and form.
  • Dual Role
    Architectural walls, spandrels, and columns can also be used as load bearing elements, creating more efficient structures by eliminating redundant structure.
  • Accelerated Construction
    While site work, utilities, and foundations are being constructed, precast components can be designed and fabricated, ready for installation as soon as the site is prepared.
  • Year Round Production
    Precast concrete is fabricated and erected year-round avoiding costly weather delays that other systems can experience.
  • Performance
    The use of precast consistently exceeds schedule milestones through diligent project management, rapid rate of delivery, and on-site erection.
  • Safety and Security
    Precast possesses outstanding fire resistance and impact/blast resistance.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Retains high thermal efficiency, uses recycled materials, and less construction is wasted during production of precast over other systems.
  • Quiet
    Precast also provides outstanding sound insulation and acoustic isolation.
  • Durable
    Superior resistance to abuse from impact, soil, mold, mildew, chemicals, and UV exposure.
  • Economical
    Long life expectancy with low maintenance and life cycle costs.
  • Consistent Results
    Boasts accurately controlled concrete batching and quality controlled fabrication under factory conditions, and produces consistently high quality and high strength precast concrete members.
  • Certified Quality
    Our plants are PCI Certified and production is monitored by PCI Certified quality control inspectors.
  • Greater impermeability and strength
    • Concrete mixes with low water/cement ratios and immediate placement of concrete yield higher strength mixes in excess of 5000 psi.
    • Precisely controlled air entrainment and curing procedures result in reduced cracking and surface scaling.
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